Our Services

We provide a variety of services related to international and expatriate U.S. tax planning, preparation and filing. These services include the following:

U.S. Income taxes
  • U.S. tax preparation and filing for employees
  • U.S. tax preparation and filing for self-employed persons
  • U.S. tax filing for non-residents with U.S. source income
  • Application for individual taxpayer ID numbers (ITIN)
  • Calculating and advising on back taxes owed
  • Streamlined procedures for delinquent filings
Social Security
  • Application of US-Germany social security agreement
  • Obtaining a certificate of coverage in the U.S. or Germany
  • Determining whether self-employment tax applies
  • Taxation of social security benefits in U.S. and Germany
  • U.S. social security withholding and recovering over payments
Informational Filings for Foreign Assets
  • Review of foreign assets to determine which filings are necessary
  • FBAR filings for foreign bank accounts
  • Filing form 5471 to report shares in foreign corporations
Tax Planning
  • Pre-departure/post-arrival consultation for international moves
  • Life events and changes
  • Expatriation
  • Employee share schemes and cross-border dividend payments
  • Applications of US-Germany tax treaty and social security agreement

We are happy to discuss your individual circumstances with you to chart the best course of action.