Living in one country and paying taxes in another requires knowledgeable and expert guidance about cross-border income and taxation. We ensure tax compliance through proper and thorough reporting of foreign income and assets in a timely manner. We also know how to steer clear of pitfalls of double taxation that often come with paying taxes in more than one country. Further, we work with you to minimize your tax burden over the long term, by creating a plan that works best this year and in future years. We want to be the partner you can trust to handle your US tax questions now and for years to come, as life’s changes bring about new and different tax situations.

About Xpatax Solutions

After living abroad for over a decade, and gaining years of experience as a CPA working for big corporate accounting firms like Deloitte and KPMG, Emily Haines saw a need for tax accountants focused on helping people navigate the complicated ins and outs of international US taxes and to help people transition to living in new, foreign countries – and not let anything slip through the cracks. Today, she runs and manages Xpatax Solutions, a company she started for international and expatriate U.S. tax advising and preparation. The firm provides support to U.S. citizens living and working in Germany and German citizens required to file U.S. tax returns.

When it comes to serving her clients, Emily loves solving cross-border tax puzzles and unraveling the complexity of navigating the international side of US taxes. She is committed to above-the-board tax preparation and filing practices, unraveling the complexity to be manageable, supportive, and efficient.