Xpatax Solutions specializes in international and expatriate U.S. tax advising and preparation. We provide support with U.S. taxes to U.S. citizens living and working in Germany and German citizens required to file U.S. tax returns.

Emily Haines is is a Certified Public Accountant and registered tax preparer and the founder of Xpatax Solutions. Emily has many years of experience working in international tax and global mobility for major global accountancy firms. Originally from North Carolina, she has spent over a decade living in London and Berlin and knows the ins and outs of tax issues that arise from living and working abroad.

We are happy to discuss your individual circumstances and support you in charting a path through the complex issues surrounding international and expatriate U.S. tax to make sure you stay compliant with all of the complicated rules and requirements and take advantage of all of the double tax relief available. Please contact me for an appointment.